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June 28, 2017 Comments (1) Views: 646 Events

2nd WIDC Preliminary Meeting

To carry out the development concept of innovation, harmony, green, openness and sharing, to put the achievements of the first World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC) into practice, and implement the strategy deployment of construction of China Industrial Design Town by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, to absorb the wisdom of global design and establish the platform of global innovation development together and to make the 2nd WIDC a success, the 2nd WIDC Preliminary Meeting was held in Liangzhu, Hangzhou on June 16, 2017.

Officials from the Industry Policy Division of MIIT, Zhejiang Province Economic and Information Commission, the Yuhang Municipal People’s Government of Hangzhou, representatives from United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Service Design Network, China Industrial Design Association, Indian Design Council, Japan Institute of Design Promotion, Japan Industrial Designers’ Association, Associazione per IL Disegno Industriale, Eindhoven University of Technology, De Tao Group, and Indian POOL Magazine attended the meeting.

Yu Xiaodong, Deputy Director General of Industry Policy Division of MIIT gave a speech at the meeting. He said: “The Chinese Government pays high attention to the development of industrial design. Under the joint promotion of the whole society, industrial design has played an important role in promoting China’s industry transformation and upgrading and formation of the new momentum of economic development. The Industry Policy Division of MIIT will fully support the construction of the World Industrial Design Conference, and make greater contributions to jointly promote the industry development of global industrial design and enhance the vitality of the world economy.”

Tong Xin, Ying Fangtian, Sudhir Sharma, Pradyumna Vyas, Liu Ning

Zhu Zhenwei, member of CPC Yuhang District Standing Committee of Hangzhou, Vice Chief Executive of Yuhang District, said that:
“Yuhang District of Hangzhou adheres to the innovation-driven development strategy all the time and has made great achievements since the first WIDC. As the organizer of WIDC, Yuhang District will fully support and provide good service to the 2nd WIDC to make sure the conference will be a successful event. We work together to create a better future of industrial design and promote the integration and rebirth of global innovative and economical resources.”


On behalf of the WIDC host, China Industrial Design Association released the preparation work of the 2nd WIDC. During the meeting, the logo and theme of the 2nd WIDC was released after extensive consultation of WIDC members and deliberation of preliminary meeting. The theme of the 2nd WIDC is “Design·Ecology”. Respect and inherit diverse humanity ecology through design. Create and build sustainable environment ecology through design. Promote and consolidate healthy industrial ecology through design.

At the same time, the 2nd WIDC will mainly focus on five topics: design education, design industry and policy, design capital and innovation entrepreneurship, design culture and sustainable development, and design collaboration. WIDC invites global design talents to China with a more open and sharing manner to complete the construction of global innovation system and promote the prosperity of design industry together.

Liu Ning, Pradyumna Vyas, Ying Fangtian

“Since China Industrial Design Association signed a package of MOU with design organizations from 16 countries and regions in December 2016, the organizing committee of WIDC actively made a series of practical plans. WIDC will absorb the wisdom of global design to establish i-city, Design Open University, International Industrial Design Industry Expo, Industrial Design Museum, Design Fund Town, etc. Embrace global design talents with an open, exclusive, win-win and sharing manner and optimize the industrial development environment of industrial design.”

Sudhir Sharma

The participants spoke highly of the 2nd WIDC cooperative scheme. They also made compliments to the efficiency of the organizing committee of WIDC and expressed their willingness to answer the call of WIDC, accumulating resources at the WIDC platform and looking forward to the grand opening of the 2nd WIDC together with China.

What is WIDC?

The World Industrial Design Conference (WIDC) is a global event of the development in design industry, co-founded by China Industrial Design Association and national design organizations, institutions, enterprises and universities and colleges from 26 countries and regions.

WIDC is a platform for international exchange and cooperation, aiming at promoting design innovation, economic and social integration and development. The WIDC welcomes any design organization and industry around the world complying with the principle of equality, sharing and win-win on the basis of opening and cooperation.

Members of WIDC jointly explore the guiding ideology and thinking model for development of design industry world widely, and work together to promote design innovation contributing to the economic development, social progress and finally sustainable development of human civilization. The WIDC proposes organizations as government entities, enterprises, educational and research institutions from all countries to build a borderless innovative design resource sharing platform to collect resources of industry, talents, financial and research etc. It is to contribute design wisdom to a better world.

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