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A brush with art

For Prakash Thombre, Creative Director of Pune-based Widemedia Group, drawing is an intensely soul-satisfying hobby.

While in school he preferred to spend time with his drawing book instead of playing with his friends. An average performance in other subjects never dimmed his enthusiasm to pursue his first love – drawing. He never spared any efforts to enhance his knowledge of drawing, often visiting public libraries to look at the illustrations done by famous artists, and even trying to copy them in his drawing book. Self-education came naturally to this devotee of art.

While studying Applied Arts at the Abhinav Mahavidyalaya in Pune, Prakash started working with an advertising agency; he managed to shuttle between Pune and Lonavala every day, which is when he spent time immersed in his sketchbook. His first journey in search of job was to Mumbai where he wanted a break with a reputed agency. Finding that his efforts were unproductive, he went back to Pune where he worked with some top agencies, and by dint of his hard work, rose to become Art Director.


Fashion Model

Red Indian

Indian Tribe



Construction Worker

Die Hard

Ice Candywala


Coffee Time


Ice Candywala




By now the media platforms had undergone a sea change. Prakash made his foray into new media in the year 2000. After a highly fruitful stint of three years with Clarice Technologies, he started his own UX design firm – Widemedia Group – in 2005. Currently he is the UX design consultant for a few local and offshore companies; he also has some Indian brands on the roster.

Meanwhile his forays into art continued. And after three decades, life has come full circle for this illustrator. He is back to where he belongs – sketching and drawing. Here is an artist who knows what his cravings are and where his soul lies – it is when his sketches and drawings come alive. And smile at him.

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