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A fine line

Calligraphy is more than a passionate hobby for advertising professional Shreyas Belsare.
He works as Senior Art Director with Digitaslbi in Mumbai. “You cannot use calligraphy in advertising all the time.” – Shreyas says. –  “But yes, calligraphy has helped me to understand the layouts and importance of words. I try to combine typefaces in a way that they look good. I guess you could say my hobby helps me in my profession as well.”

He believes person should be passionate about calligraphy as one of the most beautiful forms of art:

“Calligraphy is defined as the art of beautiful handwriting and artistic flair with an expressive medium. It is a way to express your imagination through art and design.”

“The scope of calligraphy is expanding every day.” – Shreyas adds. ” A person can choose from many fields like fine arts, typeface design, sign making, etc. There have been huge changes over time; calligraphers now work with updated designing software. These modern tools and techniques help them to get more innovative and imaginative.”

Winner stands alone

Ka kha ga



Calligraphy is live


Marathi poem

Ti geli tenva




You are amazing

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