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A slice of life

Vinay (Vin) Ganapathy draws inspiration from his friends and the dynamic city he lives in for his distinctive illustrations.

“Illustration is the only thing I know how to do!” – he explains. “The human figure inspires me. My style is figurative. Others have described my style as sharing a similar spirit to Egon Schiele. I like drawing figures and hope to convey stories/ emotions through figures. My favorite medium is ink brush pens on sketchbooks.”


Bushwick Brooklyn Still Waiting

Exquisite Corpse at Night of Joy

Street in Shibuya

Grant’s Book Launch

Live Drawing this Saturday Morn


Jake, I used to Know you As J Butters

He believes, that “when you stop making illustrations for free, that’s when you know your passion has become a career.” “A successful illustration is one that delivers the message from the article/editorial/advertisement clearly to the audience; it makes them engaged.”

He advises budding illustrators to draw every day; join communities that nurture your art, ideas and help you grow.

Read this story in POOL 76.

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