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All fired up

Ceramic artist Veena Chandran uses her architectural sensibilities to create stunning works of art in clay.
Veena’s ceramic work is hugely influenced by architecture:

“I am still building – maybe not brick and concrete structures, but clay structures, be it functional ware or sculptures. All the basic principles of architecture hold true no matter what scale one builds in. I cannot separate or take out architecture from within me. It is an integral part of who I am and I merge it and use it all the time while working with clay.”

Her husband and parents are the backbone of Studio Farishtey. Students who come to learn ceramics fill it with great energy and vibe. At the same time process of creating ceramics is something Veena sheerly enjoys:

“Nothing gives me more joy than firing a wood fired kiln – the whole adrenaline rush I get when I add wood to a wood fired kiln, the process of thinking of the path of the flame while loading the kiln, understanding the play of ash in the whole process, the hard work involved, and the exhaustion at the end of a 24-hour firing.”

Detail of Jar

Sculptural work-part of the Sci-fi series


Functional ware for an Italian restaurant

Sculptural work-part of Sci-fi series

Functional work – dinner plates and glasses

First international exhibit


She retails products at couple of stores in Pune and regularly participates in exhibitions across India and abroad. Veena sees ceramic art in every single person’s household in the near future:

“Maybe it’s just wishful thinking but I do hope we start replacing plastic with ceramics in our homes. I hope people start appreciating its beauty and also the benefits of cooking, storing and eating out of ceramic ware. I also hope that ceramic art starts being treated at par with other art forms. A lot of people are starting to view it as a serious art and art collectors have also started investing in ceramics. I hope that the situation only gets better from here on.”

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