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Christopher Jenner designs interiors for Kusmi Paris

December 15, 2016 Comments (0) Views: 657 Architecture, Design

Bennett University designed for social learning

Bennett University, designed by SWBI Architects, was envisioned as a multi-disciplinary research-driven institution, providing high-quality well-rounded academic experience to Indian students.

This multi-facility university building is spread upon 68 acres of land in Greater Noida. Futuristic and flexible design offers a safe environment conforming to EHS policies and providing social learning and interaction spaces.

The pergola at the entrance connects the two buildings and visually frames the academic block in its full grandeur giving a “sense of arrival”. The Reception leads to a well-appointed waiting lounge, along with free standing wall at the entry level.



The interiors have been planned in a way that enables maximum thermal comforting as well optimum use of sunlight to minimize artificial energy consumption. The Library was designed as a place of learning and a social hub.

Today teachers more and more use laptops while taking a class, which changed whole approach to a Bennet classroom design. It needed to be reconfigurable for various interaction formats and help students feel more connected with the teacher. Lecture theatre is a great location for individual lectures and larger events.

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