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Crafting worthwhile experiences

Industrial designer and strategist, Devina Kothari believes in changing the world through her work.

Coming from Rajkot, which is being known for engineering works, she had the facilities to experiment with mechanisms and manufacturing techniques. That’s how Zuan Design Labs was born. In initial stage of any project Devina invests maximum time to identify the core problem:

“If we strike gold in this phase, it adds confidence and the rest of the design journey offers more scope for experiment.”

Grow buckets used for space resource optimization

Digital platform view

Injection moulded grow buckets for hydroponic agriculture

She had been involved in creating data driven designs for rural India through agriculture and healthcare verticals. Among these are:
• Jaya: a digital intervention similar to an ERP of primary healthcare system, which aims to save 1.27 million lives in India every year from preventable 3Ds: Diseases, Disabilities and Death.

• Mizu Ha: digital platform for farmers to sell their produce directly to the consumers and plan their agriculture based on a need-feed (closed) loop system.

• The insulin delivery system: a pain-free closed loop insulin diffusing device that dispenses insulin into the diabetic patient’s body only when the need arises and for the requisite amount.

• Grow buckets: a system of buckets that help modularize a hydroponic farm. One can literally shift the entire farm overnight when an unforeseen climate change is anticipated.

Insulin delivery system

Insulin delivery system model displayed at the Red Dot Museum, Singapore

Exploded view of the device

“Most of the times, technology and jugaad help me to overcome hurdles.” – designer admits. “There are rewards too. I feel humbled to have bagged a Red Dot, TEDx, Women’s Excellence Award, been a part of the 4th Power of Asian Design, and won the Ignite Ideas Challenge, among others.”

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