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T-Pottery’s Tejashri Patil Pradhan discovered her métier as a ceramist after she turned her back on a career in advertising.

She mainly makes utility ware in stoneware and porcelain clay:

“It gives me immense satisfaction to see my wares utilized in some form or the other – whether as everyday pots or proudly displayed as objets d’art. The fulfilment of seeing my creations ‘alive’ is what this potter’s vision is all about. I believe that the life of a pot becomes complete only when it is used.”

The forms she creates speak mainly about the function and intimacy gained through daily use. Tejashri likes to create clean, simple shapes and use a lot of colours.

Pickle jars

Doughnut teapot

Moss green cups

Snail mugs

Ink Blue gold cup


Filigree teapot

Popcorn Rajah

Moss green bowls

“Every day is a new challenge.” – she admits. “You just have to work through it. As I have not formally learnt all the techniques, it is always ‘try, try till you succeed’!”

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