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Getting into character

For Parvati Pillai a successful illustration is one that appeals to the widest audience.

“I love illustration and using illustrations that make people happy, – she admits. I know it sounds simplistic but it’s what really drives me and keeps me inspired.”

Working across various platforms like websites, magazines, product ranges, campaigns has helped her understand the different aspects and importance of Visual Communication. Parvati currently works as Head of Design at Chumbak Design Studio in Bangalore. Getting this position was a milestone that have changed her perspective:

“This job has enabled me to understand a wide range of products, not just in terms of material, but also in terms of surface and form. Exploring design and illustration across various products, while keeping in mind things like print restrictions, impact, target audience, etc. has been an amazing challenge. I’ve also learned a lot about planning, management skills and marketing, which I feel is very important for a designer to understand.”

Illustration for Taxi Fabric project

Illustration for Taxi Fabric project

Parvati shares a process she follows at work:

“I research the subject well before I decide to get to my art board and start sketching. I make mental notes of the kind of illustration style or the color palette that might go with the subject. Once I can visualize my final illustration, I get to the artwork and make my rough sketches. I show my rough sketches to the client or my friends (in case of a personal project). I thoroughly believe in receiving feedback. Once I am happy with the iteration made to my rough sketch, I make a final sketch.”

The best piece of of advice she’s got is that “Design is about making people happy and if we don’t forget that, we will never get a stroke or a color wrong. All of a sudden all the tedium and all the monotony will go and you will only be left with the wonder and love that came the first time you picked up a pencil to draw.”

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