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Seeking diversity in design

Pradip Goswami left a flourishing career in publishing in Meerut to move to Pune in a bid to widen his design horizons. The self-taught designer joined then newly set up INDI Design, where six years later, he is its much valued National Creative Director.

“The benefit of learning on your own, – he says, – is that you can explore different ways of thinking. It helped me build self confidence, and I learned responsibility and self discipline.”

Pradip shares a process he follows when approaching a design project:

“An understanding of user experience is very important while working on design projects. Most design organizations have their own design process; at INDI Design we follow intuitive research processes. The design framework develops context for problems by involving the perspective and vision in all steps of the problem-solving process. Our involvement typically takes place in observing the problem within the context, brainstorming, conceptualizing, developing ideas, and testing them.”

Bajaj Auto Ltd., corporate office graphics

Bajaj Auto Ltd., corporate office graphics

Bajaj Auto Ltd., corporate office graphics

Exhibition Design for Bajaj Auto, Auto Expo 2014, Delhi

Exhibition Design for Triumph Motorcyles, Auto Expo 2016, Delhi

Exhibition Design for Varroc, Auto Expo 2012, Delhi

He believes that “efficiency and Effective problem-solving is the key to being a successful designer. With a positive attitude, problems can become opportunities and learning experiences.” At the same time, “we learn from failures, not from success! – he says. – Not only in design but in other facets of life, failure always teaches you. Mistakes make you a better designer, so you should keep experimenting.”

Fuso light, packaging

Publication project

FMCG packaging

He loves the diversity and the scale of work at design studio:

“From the automobile industry to the banking sector, and from the real estate industry to retail, we have worked with so many companies and on many different projects at INDI. Apart from branding and environment design, we have also worked on bank statements, exhibitions, art galleries, factory environments, way-finding projects, books, magazines, packaging, websites, and mobile apps…there is no limit. I love the variety of projects that one gets to work on here and I am always looking for what’s next.”

Varroc Art Gallery, Aurangabad

Prototype:Wayfinding & Signage Design for PDO, OMAN

KTM Showroom

Badge and fascia design for Bajaj Intracity

Being trusted with crucial projects, Pradip works with the team of designers:

“Backed by a great team, I feel capable of doing impossible things! This boosts the self-esteem and self-worth of a designer. I am thankful to my colleagues who share great ideas and work experiences with me. I learn something new from them with each project.”

EMI card design for Bajaj Finserv

the Green Path branding

“Leadership is a mindset, not a job title. – he concludes. – The ability to lead effectively involves dealing with people in such a way as to motivate, enthuse and build respect. The most important skill a leader needs is to be able to think strategically. Inspiring others is the mark of an effective leader.”

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