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Silver speak

Inspired by daily life, Nitika Bose’s handcrafted creations are a striking blend of tradition and modernity.

After a couple of years of professional experience, she decided to set up her own firm in Delhi, called Flying Fish:

“We create handcrafted silver jewelry reflecting a bit of whimsy and magic inspired by everyday life. I am in love with silver! Apart from its sheen, the way silver ages is quite attractive. I prefer a bold metal, no-stone look.”

Nitika has always been fascinated by the Flying Fish; it has the quality to go with the flow and against it with equal aplomb, comfortable in both water and air. It represents the twin worlds of tradition and modernity that co-exist in all of us. Part of the Flying Fish ethos is that all their pieces need not be commercially viable but they always have to be whimsical and capture the beauty and spirit of Indian silver smithing:

“Having studied design with a focus on jewelry, I was always interested in the traditional forms and eventually ended up having quite a collection. This, and various visits to museums and libraries help me with my research.”

Flying Fish has a mixture of products; some have strong ethnic roots and some have a strong modern look.

DAKSHIN Anklets (openable) Vintage silver with PADHASTH ring/toe ring

THE ROOSTER – Earrings

ASHTA – Earrings

KUMUD – Ring

GAANTH – Bracelet

“It is important to figure out a new way of wearing the jewelry. – she says. “I redesign clasps and locks,
and convert a lot of toe rings into finger rings. I also use some elements of traditional forms to make contemporary jewelry.”

Nitika believes that “All the clichés exist because they carry a grain of truth in them. Work hard, follow your instincts and be unafraid to make mistakes because that is the only way you learn.”

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