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Technicolor dreamworld

Ravi Kumeriya, a young Mumbai-based illustrator, follows his dreams, unshackled by the expectations of society.

“I learnt that life is not just about enjoying and living happily, – he says, –  hard work and true dedication toward your goal is the only key to unlocking the happiness and success you are seeking.”

After graduation from Sir JJ Institute of Applied Arts Ravi started working for a project called ‘Bollywood Special’ with one of the best directors in the film industry – Neeraj Pandey. Currently he is working on the poster design for a movie called ‘Again’, and on a t-shirt design project.

My diary: The last kiss was deadly

My diary: Take the mask off, it hurts

My diary: Lazy soul busy heart

BASF Chemical Company, Turbhe, Navi Mumbai, Wall Mural

Ravi’s style of illustration defines a free soul, who doesn’t care what society thinks of him:

“I pursue my own dreams, coloring them the way I want, from black and white to multicolored, and vice versa. I express the things coming out of me in my own way – from mind to canvas. My style is about being unique, being pure desi – it’s about being yourself, whoever you are and however you are.”

India International Trade Fair 2016: Mural artwork

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