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100 Issues of Design in India

“Where design in India is going depends a lot on how we address challenges that face us today, and these are not the same challenges we had 30 years back. Design is a known profession today, it is a definite career (not an alternative one anymore), it is recognized and well paying; the number of design schools has exploded and so has the number of design conferences and events.

But most designers will tell you about their troubles and fears for the industry if you take the time to ask them; despite the appearance that the industry has it better nowthan ever, the struggle for creative professions in India is still very real. So, we decided to ask designers what are the fears and challenges that design faces in India.

While the responses were varied, they largely followed similar themes, and we have compiled them into different sections accordingly. Each of these is a topic for a paneldiscussion and can very well be the theme for a conference. We are aware that this exercise has barely scratched the surface. There have to be more details, counter details and specifics, but it is a good beginning.

So, here is Pool 100 – showing you a mirror and perhaps asking you for solutions. We decided to present this as a book – for some reason books get taken more seriouslythan magazines! It is the kind of book that will help a newcomer to the profession and industry understand where to focus and I do hope it reaches our policy makers, educationists and industry as well.”

Sudhir Sharma
Editor in Chief, POOL Magazine


A Balasubramaniam

Ira Sharma Priya Sebastian

Aakash Srivastava

Ishaan Dixit Rahul Agarwal

Aakriti Kumar

Janak Mistry Ranjan Bordoloi

Abhijit Bansod

Jaya Bhatt

Ravi Jangir

Abin Chaudhuri

Jayesh Sachdev

Ravi Kumeriya

Achyut Palav
Jigna Shah Oza Rikke Hansen
Aman Nath Kabini Amin
Saif Faisal

Amardeep Behl

Kavita Singh Kale Sakeena Tayebji

Ameeta Sharma Menon

Krity Gera  Sanchita Jain
Amit Krishn Gulati Kunal Dewalwar

Sandip Paul

Amit Mirchandani Lakhi Chand Jain

Sarah Sham

Amit Paranjape

Mahendra Chauhan Shalini Singh

Anil Sinha

Mahendra Patel

Shanoo Bhatia

Anuj Malviya Malcolm Rebello 

Shivani Dhar

Anuj Prasad

Manali Mitra Shrikant Nivasarkar
Anuj Sharma Mark Watson

Shweta Mewara

Aparna Piramal Raje

Medha Khosla Siddharth Kalra
Arshad Ali Sayyed Meera Mittal

Sonia Manchanda

Arvind Lodaya

Minti Shah Sourabh Gupta
Ayse Birsel Mira Felicia Malhotra

Srinivasarao Pattur 

Bandana Jain

Mohini Binepal Subrata Bhowmick
Bhupal Ramnathkar Monit Khera

Suchitra Ravichandran

Bhuvan Thaker

Mugdha Sethi Sujit Das

Bimal Mistry

Narendra Ghate

Surabhi Khanna

Chandrika Sahay Naushad Forbes

Swarajsinh Rana

Darshan Gandhi

Neha Tulsian Takbir Fatima

Deshna Mehta

Nikhil Biniwale

Tanya Thomas Fernandes

Dhanya Gokul Nina Sabnani

Thomas Kueber

Dhaval Modi

Nirali Mehta Uday Athavankar
Dinaz Kalwachwala Pooja Bhagwat

Ulla Koivukoski

Divya Menon

Pradyumna Vyas Vidhika Rohatgi
Giridher Katta Prakash Unakal

Vikas Satwalekar

Harkaran Singh Grewal

Pratap Bose Vinod Daroz
Hemant Suthar Pratima Sinha

Vlado Franjevic

Himani Mantri Grover

Pratishruti Eswarary Vrishali Kekre
Indrajit Nattoji Praveen Nahar

Vyasateja Rao


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