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Pundole’s Gallery will show Rooshad Shroff’s 15,556 in June

Currently hosted by Bikaner House (New Delhi), the Rooshad Shroff’s debut show of award winning hand crafted design, 15,556, will be presented at Pundole’s Gallery (Mumbai) in June.

In a world where progress is defined by technology, Shroff declares the importance of craftsmanship in the legacy and evolution of design. With each individual piece custom designed, he created a sophisticated alliance between traditional techniques and design innovation. The promise of this showcase celebrates the crucial role of “handmade” production of the next generation of design.

Shroff questions the notion of authorship in his quest for reimagining digital design process by creating a new vocabulary of complex forms executed by hand precision.

“It is this loss of authorship, of knowledge (traditional knowhow) and traceability that prompted me to move against the main proclivity and focus on the ‘handmade’.”

Shroff revives the spirits of design for both medium and concept. His use of legacy techniques like embroidery, joinery and carving don’t just look back at the past as a point of glory but as a note of reference awaiting further patronage.







Rooshad Shroff crafts bespoke furniture, products and materials at his Mumbai-based studio. Using traditional Indian techniques and making it a point of honour to re-actualize the handmade, it became a reference within the design world for highly sophisticated pieces.

Check the details of exhibition on indipool Events.

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