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Part photographer, part designer, Sharad Shrivastav is redefining the concept of luxury through his range of affordable leather accessories

‘Coalesce’ Collection

How did your tryst with photography begin?

SS: Using the camera was what took me to photography. The sound of the click, the installation of film and how it rolled was next level excitement for me. I was 14 when my dad purchased a Kodak film camera. And soon I was the one taking all the family portraits. I would open up the camera, assemble, deconstruct and do all sorts of crazy stuff…I was hooked! In 2015 I bought my first professional camera with the necessary pieces of equipment to sharpen my skills and techniques.

How did Slinch come about?

SS: I started Slinch (the word is unit of measurement) in a small unit in New Delhi in 2018 with the vision to create something spectacular. Slinch represents a small group of people trying to make a change. Our goal is to use local artisans to create handcrafted functional products in affordable ranges for all the sectors. The focus is to create something for a lifetime. We aim to make a name for ourselves with quality, not quantity. Every product is handcrafted in our workshop in Delhi.

Slinch collaboration with Three at Amazon India Fashion Week

How do you see ‘modern luxury’ in India today?

SS: Modern luxury, in my opinion, is bending and widening for a world where we can create our own symbols of status rather than having them defined for us.  Initially luxury meant something expensive and out of range for a large section of people or something that was not available everywhere. Now we have been able to create products that are as comfortable as luxury products but affordable for a large section. Our parameters have changed to something sustainable, more experiential and safe.

Slinch collaboration with California-based designer Jessica Bistro

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