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A driving passion

Sanghamitra Datta, India’s first woman automobile designer, has come a long way down the road since she was first smitten by cars as a teenager.

At Stylus, her Automotive design company, they style and design anything that moves on land, air and water, including aircraft interiors, private craft interiors, trucks, tractors, tippers, crash tenders, buses, passenger cars, race cars, motorsport vehicles, bikes, two wheelers, SUVs, concept cars, concept bikes, lighting and accessories, color and trim.

Tata Elenza production

Private aircraft interior

“The Indian Customer (the investor and manufacturer of vehicles), – Sanghamitra believes, is much more informed than before. The foreign brands on Indian roads nudge Indian brands to compete with them. Earlier it was cost first, design/style second. Now it’s style/design/DNA first with cost and feasibility and innovation coming in a close second. While it’s good for business, it’s challenging to create Original Looks.”

“Competition will push ahead the search for a newer design language, and we might see a unique Indian style language emerging in maybe three or four years.” – she says.

Custom Carrender

Aircraft Club Class

Army Communit

Tata Elenza concept

Team Stylus Automotive

She advises to young automobile designers:

“Do not be attracted only by the glamour of being an automobile designer; choose this profession with great deliberation and both eyes open, since it’s 90% sweat, blood and tears and 100% deep satisfaction and joy. It’s a way of life to love something unreasonably, and then create reasonable, manufacturable and feasible design.”

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