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The second edition of Raw Collaborative, held recently in Ahmedabad, successfully celebrated India through Indian designs

Team Raw Collaborative

Ahmedabad’s design aficionados were recently treated to the second edition of Raw Collaborative, an innovative and comprehensive design show held from 30th November to 2nd December at the legendary Mill Owners’ Association Building.  The event saw the meticulous curation of over 60 talented designers and innovative concepts from all over India. A perfect union of vernacular and contemporary design, all the products originated from a beautiful narrative, fusing fine decor, art and craftsmanship.

DOT by LekhaWashington

Raw Collaborative was conceived as a platform to showcase the works of designers bound by the philosophy of creating products that are inherently Indian in their expression, process and outcome. The idea was to blend craftsmanship, design, experimentation and technology. The first edition in 2017 tried to address the huge gap between the exclusive product creators and their discerning audience. The intent and efforts were hugely appreciated by the design fraternity and applauded nationally and internationally. Over the past year Raw Collaborative continued to pursue its set path, discovering and exhibiting talent that focuses on creating in India with homegrown crafts and techniques.

Designer Space: TectonaGrandis

Tanvi Karia, Conceptualizer & Founder of Raw Collaborative says, “Raw Collaborative is the culmination of my design journey over the last 18 years. During that time I’ve had some exceptional eureka moments of finding the right product for my projects and clients, as well as some heartbreaking moments of not being able to find the right piece for a particular space, or products that required to be authentic, raw, organic, and unadulterated in nature.”

Participating Designers/Studios:

     Magari Lavishline Material Immaterial Studio
Floored Rasa Jaipur Kalakarihaath
Mother Gone Mad Studio Finemettle Savana Living
Chisel Portside Café Furniture Studio     FORMA
Tectona Grandis Furniture Studio Borderline TUNI Tales
Studio Works
Oorjaa Coeval Seed
Differniture Abstrac
Studio Metallurgy
  IDAM ConiFur Pocho Living
ERP Design Studio Fusion Access Arjun Rath
Pallavi Goenka Homes Hatsu Floored by Art by Sunil Sethi Design Alliance
Digital Dreams (under Raw Discoveries) Compartment S4 (under Raw Discoveries) Karan Nawab Designs (under Raw Discoveries)
Prelab Design Studio (under Raw Discoveries)

Design Gallery Works:

     A Cube Inc Ajay Shah AKFD Studio
andBlack Studio Anu Tandon Viera Arjun Rathi Design
Arpan Patel Ashiesh Shah Aziz Kachwala
Banduksmith Studio Bijoy Jain  Case Design
Claymen Cocoon Fine rugs x CollectiveProject Ashiesh Shah
Design Clinic Design ni Dukaan Divya Thakur
Gunjan Gupta Hardik Gandhi – FORMA Harshita Jhamtani – FORMA
JOSMO Studio Kallol Dutta x Paul Matter Klove
Koy by Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar Lekha Washington Maximiliano Modesti
Mozez Singh Paul Mathieu Pravinsinh Solanki
Ravi Vazirani Rooshad Shroff Rooshad Shroff x Ambrita Shahani
Sahil Sarthak Sangaru Design Objects Scarlet Splendour
Shift by Nimish Shah Sonke Hoof Studio Bordoloi
Studio Wood Tectona Grandis The Charcoal Project
The indi store Thierry Betancourt Thukral and Tagra
Trunks Company Jaipur Yasanche Studio


Being the hub of art, architecture and design in India, Ahmedabad was chosen to showcase the event. In a city teeming with architectural landmarks designed by legendary architects like BV Doshi, Le Corbusier, Charles Correa and others, the Mill Owners’ Association Building was picked to be the venue due to its ‘absolute raw, post-modernist, brutalist language’ which resonated with all that Raw Collaborative was envisioned to be.

Designer Space: Material Immaterial


Design Gallery: Forma Lamp by Nimish (ShiftRug)

Architect and designer Rooshad Shroff was invited to be the Guest Curator to bring together signature works of more than 40 designers for the one of its kind ‘Design Gallery’. Informs Karia, “We imagined the overall platform of Raw Collaborative to be a cross pollination of ideas, design synergies and shared dialogues between artists, designers and architects. So, we had Studios displaying their range of products to end-users, specifiers, buyers and connoisseurs along with a Gallery where we saw design elevated to another level beyond the commercial aspect of it.”

Rooshad Shroff

“We believe India has a lot to offer in terms of design talent and design,” said Guest Curator Rooshad Shroff. “The Design Gallery showcased the work of Indian designers or those working in the Indian context. Displaying their work in a Gallery format allowed the design to be viewed and appreciated through its process, the narratives woven through its production process including the craft and the craftsmanship involved, and then finally the end product was seen as a ‘Collectible’ rather than mere functional object.”

Participating Designers Space

According to Shroff, over the last decade there has been a surge of young Indian designers with a strong design identity that need representation beyond a retail setup. “The need for a design gallery within India was the springing point of the event. Raw Collaborative put together significant pieces of design (furniture / products / lighting / textile / ceramics / accessories) within a gallery format.”

Awards: Raw Discoveries

Priyadarshini Rathore and Vishwa Bhatt Weir, Presenter and curator, W-Project together shared, “Putting up an event or a show becomes easy when a like-minded team comes together for a subject area we are passionate about. We presented the second edition with so much more enthusiasm and rigor to an audience who appreciated our efforts to bring all the right and sought after designers to Ahmedabad.”

Design Gallery: MudaThrone by Gujan Gupta

The three-day design show also featured the ‘Raw Talk Series’, addressing different facets of art, design, and architecture. A panel of eminent designers, architects, and artists discussed topics such as Collaborative Futures  – Art, Design, Architecture; Disruption through design for a meaningful change; Emerging roles and formats of design gallery and display spaces; Vernacular furniture of North West India; and Designing for real estate – the inside stories.


Sunil Sethi

With the success of the second edition, Raw Collaborative has definitely made a place for itself on the country’s design calendar. The design community is now looking forward to next year’s event. 

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