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Acquiring an advantage

Mumbai-based Fractal Ink Design Studio was recently acquired by Isobar, a global, full-service digital marketing agency that is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN). Tanay Kumar, CEO of Fractal Ink Design Studio – Linked by Isobar, tells POOL what it means for one of India’s best digital design studios to be acquired by a global company with incredible reach.

You never realize the readiness to be acquired, Tanay says:

“In the last few years Fractal saw tremendous growth in the experience design space, which allowed us to expand the team from seven to more than 80. After a certain size I think it becomes important for you to look into not only personal goals but take into account the aspirations and commitment of the people who have trusted you along this journey. After all they are the ones who make Fractal. That’s when we thought Fractal was ready to take this next leap and bring more opportunities to the team.”

Post-acquisition, Fractal could retain full and complete independence in operations:

“There is no interference in day to day activities. We are operating as independently as before. I think the only thing that has changed is the reporting structure and sanity in our books. Post-acquisition, most of our processes have got streamlined, which allows us to better manage the studio. Now we have a board, on which Dentsu Aegis has a presence with the sole goal of aligning us better with the other companies in the global network and helping the growth curve. DAN’s strong presence around the globe clubbed with our shared vision towards a digital and connected world will allow us to tap into the latest industry best practices and tools as well as scale our operations geographically.”

“Fellow Fractalites were taken by surprise, – Tanay admits, –  but we did prepare them before the final announcement went to press. It always helps to give first hand information to people for whom this will matter the most. We briefed the team, explained the reasons and also the opportunities the acquisition would open up. We had an open house before and after the press release to give people an opportunity to freely ask questions. There is no real change in the company and the acquisition doesn’t affect any of the employees and their jobs in any way.”

Acquisition process takes close to a year and it does have definitive steps along the journey:

“With regards to financial discipline, we all know it’s a hard balance to achieve when you are a start-up and focusing on your core. We had some great help from our M&A consultants who helped us put all our documents and financials in place.”

“Always try to build your core team among your employees, Tanay advises. Ensure that they are well taken care of as they are ones who will be effective in your growth story going ahead. Build a culture of collaboration right from day one and always be available for your team.”

Fractal is looking forward to a new future shaping for them:

“Fractal has come a long way in the last six years in establishing itself as a leader in the digital design and strategy space. Keeping innovation at the heart of every project, we were able to define the Digital User Experience domain in India and build a strong team around this. With strong focus towards User Centric Design (UCD) philosophies, we are gearing up to take on challenges and drive innovation in the ubiquitous technologies space. This is popularly known as Internet of Things, or simply put, as connecting the world through everyday objects. Voice and Augmented space is getting loads of traction and our focus is now to shift gears to be able to service clients in these areas.”

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