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An inventor speaks

Taking ideas through to prototype and manufacturing stage is what thrills the inventor in Sanandan Sudhir. As Founder & President of INVENT GROUP, a global product design and development firm, he is very well placed to do just that!

What took you from engineering to industrial design?

I have always been an inventor at heart. Right from my childhood I have been looking at things that are new, different and extraordinary. The ideas around inventing something new, innovation and design literacy have always been on the top of my mind along with an urge to create the future.

Engineering taught me how to cut vegetables and design helped me create new recipes. I was already a good cook when I was introduced to formal design education by a senior in my engineering college – NIT Jamshedpur. Just the thought of being at NID changed the orientation of my life. Getting admission at NID was like a dream come true.


How did Invent India come about?

Traveling across the world I realized that people in colder regions think differently, have different social and cultural preferences, and are dynamic in their approach to opportunities due to survival needs. I also realize that people who live in tropical climates have a different set of problems and respond in a more reactive way in search of a solution.

Application of proven design thinking formulas coming from the colder regions somehow did not appeal to me as capable of solving the needs of people living in tropical climatic conditions. Again, being an inventor at heart I always thought I had simple solutions to our problems. I just could not find the right ecosystem to take those ideas forward. So, I started Invent India in 2011.

We see Invent India as an initiative to support all inventors looking for an ecosystem to design, develop and manufacture their ideas.

BTL Flexi’, the smallest & lightest Wireless ECG product

‘Invixium’ biometric devices

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