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Arosh Thevadathil and his team at Funcher Shop never tire of creating happiness for themselves and their customers!

Social media post on Abhinandan

What led to ‘Funcher Shop’?

A colleague introduced me to Suresh Ramakrishnan, a veteran advertising professional with 25 years of experience. We connected immediately, sharing the same vibe and passion for creativity, and discovered we had the common dream of starting our own enterprise.  We were looking for a catchy and humorous name when we came across a roadside puncture shop with the ubiquitous tire hung outside. The name, which is almost always misspelt at such places, stood out. That’s how we decided on the ‘Funcher Shop’ logo and name. We made ‘filling with happiness’ our tagline, drawing from the filling with air symbolism of the puncture shop. We are a creative design studio based in Bangalore and I am Co-founder and Chief Illustrator.

Illustration campaign for Kerala Tourism

So, how does ‘Filling Happiness’ happen?

Our work, work space and work culture is synonymous with fun and happiness. We believe that our gift products are unique and quirky. We do believe that we instill happiness in both the buyer of the product and its recipient. Every nook and corner of our office has a happy story to tell. Both of us being motorcycle enthusiasts, we have a Royal Enfield work table. We enjoy our work as if we are cruising on a long ride. Similarly, we also have a Jeep table to work on when the terrain gets tough!

Life stories (me and my wife)

What inspires your quirky ideas?

While a lot of artists have inspired me, my seniors and juniors who are also artists and whose art I admire have influenced me more than the legends themselves. For quirky ideas, I just look around at my surroundings. Everybody can relate to that.

Caricature of Malayalam movie actor Sasi Kalinga

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