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The Art Of Filmmaking

15934105572_cbc7a04716_oNirali Thakker is both artist and filmmaker, and brings the same committed passion to both fields. She lives in Los Angeles and currently works as Producer, Women in Films/ City TV Santa Monica.

“It is not easy to balance a family with the long working hours,- Nirali says, – but I love my job. It is certainly not what we imagined it would be while at film school, where we all walked like we were the next Spielberg! That said, I love producing films! I enjoy working with other creative, passionate people. I love telling stories that make a difference. I think filmmaking is the only medium where all the other sensibilities and all your life experience, music, landscapes, and soundscapes all pour into one melting pot.”

WALL - mixed media on canvas

WALL – mixed media on canvas

PURPLE SHOES - acrylic on board

PURPLE SHOES – acrylic on board

She learned under some of the very best gurus like William Fraker (Director of Photography for Bullitt, Rosemary’s Baby) and Robert Jones (Academy award winner for Coming Home) and Tessa Bell (Producer, Life Inside Out). Being more open minded is what Nirali learnt through her 40 film projects:

“Don’t say ‘NO’ so easily. Examine the other person’s point of view. I learnt that every single human being I meet has something new to teach me.”

THE GIRL WITH PONY TALES - oil on canvas

THE GIRL WITH PONY TALES – oil on canvas

“I find myself gravitating to women-centric stories and subjects in my films and art work,” – she admits. “I grew up around really strong wonderful women – naturally I want to celebrate their struggles, stories and their triumphs.”

Her favorite painting is ‘recalculating’:

“To me it represents the dissociation one feels in a foreign country – feeling like a lost soul in a vast foreign landscape where you will never fit in.”

RECALCULATING - collage and oil on canvas

RECALCULATING – collage and oil on canvas

BATH - oil on canvas

BATH – oil on canvas

“Work, work hard, work very, very hard, – Nirali advises to young designers, – Show up on time, be professional, and don’t crib. Your story is important, your art is important. Be creative not only in your work but also in the avenues you create for yourself.”

HIS HANDS - oil on canvas

HIS HANDS – oil on canvas

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