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Srishti Arora uses intricate Indian embroidery to make jewelry that immediately draws the eye

Colorful bloom ring

How did Akihi come about?

SA: I am an introvert and love to pen down my thoughts and feelings. I used to collect a lot of good words that have beautiful meanings and ‘akihi’ was one of them. Akihi’ is the state of illimitable and instinctive pursuit. It speaks of the journey one takes to find oneself within the many layers of the self. It is the detachment from worldviews and ideas in order to pave one’s own path and make one’s own meanings. I believed it would best define the accessories I planned to make.

Sustainably made Alpha Collection

How do you plan to expand your brand?

SA: I want to dig deeper to explore the next level of intricacy in hand embroidery and other textile crafts. We want to grow more sustainable as a brand. The one-of-a-kind sustainable pieces in the Alpha collection received a lot of admiration and I am more motivated to work on such collections.

The Grid cufflinks

What role can designers play in conserving our crafts?

SA: Designers play a very important role in bridging the gap between crafts and consumers. They can use their innovation skills to create feasible products for retail markets. There is a tribe of designers, working consciously towards restoring and reviving our crafts; I am fortunate to have worked with a few of them. Their sustainable practices and thought processes continue to inspire so many young minds. I believe that if more such minds align together, we can save the Indian craft heritage.

Dastoor earrings

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