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As a multidisciplinary artist, Ayesha Kapadia has a vast professional canvas that she relies on a very active imagination to fill.

Parekh & Singh

How do you look for narratives?

I’m driven by curiosity, empathy and imagination. I borrow from an imaginary world I’ve built in my mind. The ruler of this world is five-year-old me. She’s the boss of my life. A lot of playfulness and imagination are my doors and windows into this world. Sometimes reality matches it and sometimes I need to play with reality to match it.

What does it take to work with brands?

Get your contracts in place. Always insist on an advance. Build strong relationships. Sometimes you get to build a brand from scratch, which is great. But more often than not, brands come to you with their guidelines in place. It’s very important then, to thoroughly understand the essence of the brand and be able to apply oneself without compromising that essence and your voice. It needs to do justice to the brand in terms of communicating its essence but it also needs to be fresh, which is where your own perspective comes to play.

Page from 27 Zine

What has been the most challenging brief you’ve worked on?

Since most of my work is different from each one, that in itself is a challenge. Earlier this year, I was commissioned by Verve magazine to make five films at Lakme Fashion Week. Their only brief was that I had to shoot backstage. Since it was my first time in an environment of this nature, I decided to shoot these videos documentary style. There was no way of preempting the output and as a first timer one tends to be super observant about everything, so I allowed that to bleed into what I was making.

This article was originally published in POOL 109.

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