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While Varun Sathe’s Pune-based studio is equipped to handled multi-genre photography, shooting cars and bikes is what gets his adrenalin revving

What drew you to automobile photography?

VS:Though I trained as a fashion and people photographer, automobile photography was a passion. I was working in Mumbai, assisting Avinash Gowariker, and planning to open my own studio in Pune when I got my first assignment to shoot a vintage motorcycle. I did it in a half done studio – just an iron shed, open from all sides, and a cement wall. The challenge was to shoot the vehicle in an indoor environment and I did it successfully to my surprise!

Which have been your most memorable projects?

VS: From my commercial work, I would pick the assignment for Volkswagen Motorsports India – it was the first car shot in my studio and actually gave me a break in the market. I have just shot 16 bikes for Adil Darukhanawala’s book based on the culture and heritage of Jawa and Yezdi bikes.

I think it’s the personal work that shows the depth and kind of person one is. Black Magic was memorable – it was my first outdoor project on people. It was a documented version of reality.

What sets professional photography apart in today’s world?

VS: As a professional photographer I believe in learning everything and anything that comes my way. There is lots of competition and it can be a struggle to pursue this profession. It’s a game of visualization where channelizing your talent along the right path can set you on the perfect course. Formal education is definitely required as the technology keeps upgrading and you need to stay updated. Photography needs patience, dedication and motivation to take it ahead. You can have an expensive DSLR but knowing how to use it to its core is equally important.

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