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Disney Davis’ architectural practice is based on the principle of enhancing the bare beauty of materials

Garden Room (master suite)

How were you drawn to architecture?

DD: I was always fascinated by comics. I loved to draw and make origami and paper models of structures and objects. As I grew older it became very obvious that I would like to be an architect. Creating and designing would make me happy. I went on to pursue a B.Arch degree at D.Y. Patil College of Architecture. Learning about architecture has helped me better understand the role design has in our lives. It teaches a lot about how to go about building your ideas into reality. It also teaches us to keep trying different ideas and design possibilities before we finalize on one. The in-depth knowledge of the history of architecture, the different styles, and the technical knowhow of structures, services, and planning helps.

Garden Room (entrance sequence)

Which materials do you love working  with and why?

DD: We love working with wood, concrete, and steel. Wood allows us to form intricate details like handles, and thin frames for windows, apart from using it to build rafters and structural members.

Organic house (bathroom and the walk-in wardrobe)

What do you envision trending in Indian architecture in the next five years?

DD: Sustainable architectural methods are trending. There is an inclination to push the reuse of construction material debris in new building construction. The rise in 3D printing in building construction methods is also going strong. I’m hoping this will help us build more efficient and cheaper homes for the masses in urban areas. This will also help reduce our carbon footprint.

MAI Salon entrance

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