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Best foot forward

‘Cuero – Handcrafted Luxury’ was born out of Naman Shah’s desire to change the way Indian men look at a pair of shoes.

He had fallen in love with the shoes in his childhood:

“My father was my role model – he would never leave the house without wearing matching watch strap, belt and shoes. As I grew up I developed a taste for leather as a material and I would be drawn to anything that was made in leather. I noticed that the older generation would give a lot of importance to a good pair of shoes; it seemed important for the image of man to wear a fine pair of shoes! In time I heard these men complain about the lack of good shoes in India. My love for shoes began then.”

All photographs by: Rohan Desai & Naman Shah













“To create a pair of perfect shoes, – Naman says, – you need a design to begin with, followed by a perfectly crafted shoe last based on the design; then comes the leather and lining, which is best when it is in calf. And then you need the right craftsmen who can mold the design from imagination to reality. In all, a pair of bespoke handmade shoes from the time of taking measurements to delivery takes about roughly 180-200 processes.”

The word ‘cuero’ means ‘leather’ in Spanish. They source leather from Argentina, Turkey and Italy, preferring the crust form in box calf skins which allows to color and create shades. At the same time calf skin is the best for leather footwear.

“If you are persistent enough in whatever circumstances business might throw at you, you will succeed.” – Naman believes. “We are in the business of making shoes; if you look at it spiritually, we are covering the feet of our clients, and wherever they go our shoes go with them.”

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