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Beyond the brass tracks

Sharda Collection

Through Studio Metallurgy, Advaeita Mathur offers intriguing designs created out of everyday objects.

Studio Metallurgy started with her love for industrial minimalist design:

“I wanted to experiment with mixed media like industrial hardware, concrete, metal, wood, and fiber glass to create concept driven contemporary jewelry and products that are collectibles and exemplify elegant luxury. I set it up in 2015 in New Delhi.”

Sharda Collection

Vintage Instrument Lamps: Euphoniums

Advaeita pursued her training in fashion design from Marangoni, Milan.

“It was an invigorating experience”, she says, ” that further reinforced my belief that exposure to diverse cultures and experimental mediums is critical to one’s creative maturity and original thought. My stay in Italy and travels across Europe played an important role in molding my formative design sensibilities and personal style.”

She describes her design process as Instinctive:

“It is almost always a moment where an ‘object’ gives way to a thought, to re-interpret its functionality/nature and look at it within a new context. Simply put, an auto ride has led me to make a range of earrings out of mushroom rivets because these rivets hold the beams of the autos in place. Electric fuses are one of my favorites and they were an accidental discovery while trying to source copper wire and magnets – they form one of my best selling and most complimented lines.”

Mobius Twist rings

Concrete and metal pendants

Advaeita loves working with brass, which is a versatile metal:

“I love the soft gold lustre it has when buffed to shine and the patina it organically developes as it ages.”

Studio Metallurgy’s jewelry has brick and mortar stores to retail from as well as tie-ups with online aggregators. Products like lamps, home décor furniture or the glass art works are usually sold through a personal following which has been built via word of mouth over the past year and a half and through social media coverage.

Handcrafted silver rings: personal musings and experiments in sculpture

Metal Corals: experimental brass casting

Metal Corals: experimental brass casting
















The Molten Wood Project: wall sculpture made using naturally hollowed wood and aluminium casting

Over the next few months, Advaeita will be looking to expand the reach and potentially the scope of her brand whilst continuing to dabble in exploring new techniques, taking forward her ‘Molten’ series, and coming up with new products and contemporary experimental jewelry.

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