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Beyond wood

Space and furniture designers Vrinda Mathur, Navya Aggarwal and Sahej Bhatia pooled their diverse skills to start Studio Wood. Speaking on behalf of the three, Vrinda Mathur explains how they hope to change the perception the Indian furniture design market.

Studio Wood started off in New Delhi as a collaborative project in March 2014, with a united vision to simply create. They design bespoke furniture and spaces for the young (at heart) and the restless. Their aim was to be a part of the Indian furniture market in the most conventional way and break it with understanding of design through fusion of materials, or through the esthetic language  – minimal forms with acute detailing:

“We believe in prioritizing functionality without eliminating grace and beauty.”

Vrinda talks about inspirations:

“With multiple projects at hand, ranging from an Indie home to an uber-contemporary studio for two to a bicycle café, our inspirations are multiple and often non-specific. They stem from travel stories to newfound problems to the eagerness to incorporate a new technique we read about. Currently we are in the explo-mode and are experimenting with a fusion of materials ranging from wall finishes to furniture.”

“For us furniture design and interiors go hand in hand, – she admits, – when clients on-board us for a project, they not only attach themselves to spatial design but also to every element, custom-made, such as furniture, fixtures and accessories.”

Vrinda shares their excitement about the future of design in India:

“Collaboration is the way forward. With young designers stepping up as entrepreneurs early in their careers, it is exhilarating to see the different processes of design and execution that each designer takes up. With a strong cultural backing, a booming technology sector, a million small ideas pooled into one industry, the future of design in India looks nothing short of a scientific discovery!”

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