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Born to adorn

‘Aaraa by Avantika’ is jewelry and accessory designer Avantika Kumar Agrawal’s way of making a mark in a field dominated by traditional family-run businesses.

“After working with Amrapali Jewels for a year, – Avantika shares her story, – I got married and settled in Pune in 2012. Five to six years ago, most jewelry houses/brands in Pune were run traditionally as a family business rather than professionally. Dhruv urged me to start something on my own, reassuring me that he had complete faith in my capabilities. In 2012 the ‘Aaraa by Avantika’ label was born. ‘Aaraa’ means ‘adornment’ in Arabic.”

Bhila from Ista. Magnificent antique find, supposedly a kutchhi silver pendant, strung in turqoiuse like howlite, faceted carnelian beads, assorted exquisite silver beads.

Geomiti earrings studded with carnelian

Pearly Glaze from Ista. Gorgeous baroque pearls, exquisite pearl studded silver beads, assorted silver beads.

Begum from Ista. Vintage Turkmen enamel silver pendant, strung in pink simulated glass ruby,
assorted silver beads.

Actress Shveta Salve, the show stopper for the Aaraa Signature Collection showcased at IIJW2015

No single attribute can define the essence of an Aaraa woman:

“She has an individualistic temperament, is opinionated and very confident, very culturally rooted and yet urbane, up to date with what’s happening around the world, sensitive to age old crafts, and believes in encouraging ethically sourced/created Indian goods.”

Model Deepti Gujaral wearing the Lotus Kaanphools, maangtika and neckpiece from the Signature Collection showcased at IIJW2015

Lotus ear cuffs or Kaanphools, from the
Signature Collection developed for IIJW2015

Tribal Chic, unique adornments for the hand, crafted in sterling silver with an antique finish.

“Whenever a design that I visualize takes shape, it gives me a high,” – designer says. “However small or big its scale might be, there is a satisfying feeling which is unparalleled. Receiving positive feedback and photos of people wearing their Aaraa jewelry makes all the effort that I take worthwhile. Being a woman entrepreneur is very rewarding. Striking a balance between home and work is a tough job and I do feel proud that I am able to maintain this stability. Achieving a fine work-life balance makes me feel triumphant.”

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