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Character artist

HEADSHOT_01Visual artist, designer and filmmaker, Asavari Kumar hopes to be a location-independent freelancer one day! She currently works as a designer/animator for Royale, a design company in LA.

“I’m always trying to find new ways of doing things, – Asavari says, – because the materiality of traditional media and the malleability of software are both things that intrigue me.”

She believes that

“you have to push yourself – no one else is watching over you except yourself. Having a positive attitude goes a long way.”

Cat themed character designs to promote a cat-cafe fundraiser

Cat themed character designs to promote a cat-cafe fundraiser

Taco Llama - Food Animal

Taco Llama – Food Animal

Character Design - 'Stocking Love'

Character Design – ‘Stocking Love’

Asavari’s advice to all fresh designers:

“Keep learning – never stop teaching yourself new things. Be critical of your work but not overly so and keep on improving. A career in art and design is a rocky road but it’s worth every second because we get to make a living doing what we love and that to me is a luxury that not everyone gets. It’s important to get your work out there but don’t wait for others to validate you as an artist. If you have an idea and have the ability to see it through then don’t wait – make it happen!”

Silly beasts - Halloween themed characters

Silly beasts – Halloween themed characters

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