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Communication designer Varun Panesar’s idea to use better layouts to improve physical products took a surprising turn when he designed his first wallet.

Latitude Laptop bag- typography in Devanagari

What is the story behind Forth?

After studying Graphic Design at MIT Institute of Design in Pune, I worked on building brands along with user experience design. I was good at building layouts and wanted to make physical products better with better layouts – and that’s when I started designing wallets as a small personal project. The outcome was impressive and liked by my peers. I went ahead with a small production of wallets and got an overwhelming response. That’s how Forth started in July 2016. The idea was to create functional and unconventional products.

Tangent Sling Bag for women

What does it take to create functional yet unconventional products?

We have a fail-proof design process where we complete the loop. Of course it starts with thinking outside the pre-existing rules and that’s how we come up with our potential designs. The first goal is to make functional products with aesthetic that blends well and resonates with people. A product is functional as long as user requirements are met. So, we have to understand the user, their situation, and their needs. Being empathetic to their needs drives the whole design process to build better form and structures.

Genuine leather bow tie

What is your design process?

I design every single product individually. The products don’t change seasonally. The kind of products that I get manufactured are based on the popularity of the products. For new products, I usually take feedback from people who follow Forth on social media. Apart from that, I get a lot of emails from people who want a specific product. That’s how I know which product to work on next.

This article was originally published in POOL 108.

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