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Concrete Reason To Design

Aditi Sharma is as good at dressing up spaces as she is people! The interior designer is also a talented jewelry artist who creates statement pieces out of concrete.

How did Greytone come about?

After leaving my job, I had a lot of time on hand and started playing around with concrete. For about six months I made random things along with few pieces of jewelry. Once, I wore a necklace I had made to a party and it gained a lot of attention – so I started developing more. Excitement and pure passion for design resulted in Greytone – I make handcrafted concrete jewelry under this label.

What drew you to concrete?

My love for concrete started while working at Archohm. We made annual design trips abroad to see modern architecture. Seeing buildings and interior projects right from the Bauhuas era to the most modern works of present architects got me intrigued about concrete. In 2014, I took a two-month sabbatical from interiors and went to Hungary to work for a design studio that does wonders with concrete – everything from typical tiles to fashion. On returning I started playing with this material, creating one thing from another.



Describe the Greytone style.

Greytone is distinctive modern jewelry that draws inspiration from art, different forms of design and architecture. Coming from a strong interior design background gives me a lot of scope to experiment with architectural materials, textures, colors, bold geometric shapes and clean lines and convert them into bold statement pieces to redefine perceptions of jewelry. Greytone reflects minimalism and simplicity.


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