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Aashna Singh & Sneha Saksena started OLIO as a clothing brand but realized what truly inspired them was creating jewelry that would be handed down through generations

What led to OLIO?

AS: We both quit Bhane on the same day in August 2015. We worked on OLIO for three months and launched it in November 2015. The name was decided in a coffee shop – we both decided to write names we liked and OLIO was the last name on Sneha’s list. We loved it instantly, it just stuck. We were young kids back then and we hired a tailor and jumped into creating our own brand without giving it too much of a thought.

What made you swap fashion design for jewelry design?

AS: With the advent of fast fashion and its influence, we weren’t very inspired by clothing anymore. It’s quite a saturated industry and we had nothing more to add. We wanted to work in a more sustainable way — create objects that had long life spans. We wanted to make heirlooms that would be passed down generations. We pivoted from clothing to jewelry last July. It’s been a short but very rewarding six months.

What does it take to create conceptual jewelry pieces in a minimal design language?

AS: Our design language has always been very minimal and clean; it’s something that comes very naturally to us. We’re inspired by history and all its intricate details, so the mix is what we call modern heirlooms.

How do you balance the commercial and creative aspects of your work?

It’s so exciting to strike that balance with jewels because they’re all little pieces of art that people love to invest in.

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