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Creative Director at her eponymous design studio, Sharon Nayak picked up the camera to bridge the gap between her creative vision and its photographic execution

What drew you to fashion and lifestyle?

I think I loved fashion and lifestyle from the very start. As a child, I was drawn to both the beautiful and the grotesque and for me there was a fine line between both. In my younger years (between 4 and 10) I watched a lot of television and became obsessed with it, as well as comics and fairy tale and nursery rhyme books. I grew up in Bahrain I was exposed and influenced at an early age by art by Takahashi Macoto and other Shouju artists and their Lolita fashions. I also played with and collected a variety of fashion dolls, their clothes and accessories.

You went on to work with leading advertising agencies in India for over two decades. What did this experience teach you?

It’s taught me everything I needed to start on my own. Each agency was a different learning ground, with different schools of thought and an array of talent. I learnt how to use my art in campaigns and in all kinds of mediums; how to ideate with clients; and how to explain and sell my work. But most of all I learned that change is inevitable, and if you don’t stay current and keep up with this change, not only will you become redundant but you will never be excited and happy with yourself.

What is your approach to creating advertising campaigns?

Every campaign has its own unique challenge, but all the time spent on conceptualising and executing a campaign has no meaning if the end result doesn’t catch the eye. You only get a few seconds to visually grab someone’s attention, so the visual has to be striking.

This article was originally published in POOL 108.

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