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Cutting edge design

Husband and wife duo, Harikrishnan Panicker and Deepti Nair discovered the magic of paper and light quite by chance. Since then the engineers-turned-papercut artists have gone on to international acclaim for their unique style.

They started exploring and perfecting their art in Denver prior moving back to Mumbai in 2014. That was the time when studio ‘Hari & Deepti’ was launched.

The Magician’s Hat

Solo shows of ‘Hari & Deepti’ are dark shows:

“…we ask the gallery to turn the light off and only our pieces are lit. For us it is important that the viewer has an immersive experience where they are drawn to the light and have an intimate and up close interaction with our art.”

For them, art is engagement:

“The role of the artist ends with the creation of the piece and once it’s out there in the world, it’s for the viewer to engage with it and absorb what the artist had conceived or felt while creating the art piece. Our work thrives on the concept of exploration, utopia and hidden worlds. It is a harsh contradiction to the lives most of us live in cities, surrounded by technology. We believe our art transports the viewer into a different world, an escape from the real world… a fantastical world.”

This is where I belong, 16×20

Orange Lotus – first paper sculpture

Because we exist















“We do feel it is really important to be exposed to art,” Hari and Deepti believe. “It helps you expand your vision and your thoughts. Art can be a mirror, an escape, a challenge – something that evokes a range of emotions. It can shock you or move you in unexplainable and unimaginable ways often leading to one discovering new things about themselves.”

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