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Design Intelligence Award 2019: Call for Entry

It’s that time of year – Design Intelligence Award 2019 is calling for entries! Established in China in 2015, Design Intelligence Award (DIA) is an international industrial design award that honors global physical and digital products, as well as individuals and studios with the most outstanding work in the field. Participants can register with no fee until 28 May 2019.

Conceived as a platform for evaluation, promotion and communication of design, DIA plays the role of bringing worldwide creativity to an intelligent future. DIA 2019 focuses on the extensive transformation of society and industry under the influence of the digital economy, and discovers the design paradigm in the field of intelligent manufacturing, social innovation, etc.

Entries are being accepted for two types of awards: DIA Award and DIA Special Award – Design Yiwu. Categories for the DIA Award include Cultural Innovation, Living Applies, Industrial Equipment, Frontier Technology, and Digital Interaction. Categories for the DIA Special Award – Design Yiwu are Stationery and Sporting Goods, Toys, Bags and Luggage, and Others.

Entry to the awards is open to enterprises, design agencies, research institutions and individuals. Submissions will be evaluated by a jury comprising individuals from diverse fields such as design, technology, commerce and media.  The DIA awards ceremony as well as the annual exhibition, forum and design promotion activities will be held in Hangzhou in September 2019.

For full details about the DIA Awards and registration process, visit the official website:

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