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Drawing from, and for, the public

Kisalay Vora draws inspiration from the people around him to create socially relevant works of art that speak to a wider audience.

“I chase the idea and use whatever I need to express it. – he says. “In the process, I ignore the barriers between styles, schools, mediums, techniques, etc. Broadly I can segregate my work into two verticals: introspective and reflective. However, even the reflective comes from an introspective journey. So to express the idea I use any material from cloth to concrete to canvas to metal sheets to paint to carvings, and any style from patchwork to hyper realistic or abstract or conceptual or assemblage.”

Kisalay is convinced that the most important aspect of any career lies in creating a great product:

“The only way ahead is to create the best one can, investing time, energy and all the possible resources in outdoing one’s own self. The process of creating a great product – in my case, great art – is more about listening, being, and observing, than repeatedly sharing what one already knows. The key lies in mastering the art of being a great student.”

Pride – fiber glass with
metal bangles – from the ‘Bangle’ series

Untitled – from the ‘Bangle’ series

Studio in Mumbai

He draws inspiration from Kinetic energy (Shakti (female energy) in Hinduism):

“I am inspired by movement, love, festivity, celebration and people. Sounds, touch and sense of smell also play a huge role in accelerating the process of creation. I am not much of a guy for isolation.”

What Are You Waiting For – from the ‘Bangle’ series

Winning Against Self – public art on canvas

Installation in Mumbai to create awareness about deforestation

A tribute to S.H.Raza from the ‘Soliloquy’ series (auspicious Indian threads called Naddachadi,
acrylic, ink, and drawing pins on canvas)

Second Chance – metal and acrylic on canvas

“Being a fine artist means a lot,” – Kisalay concludes. “Success is when opportunity meets preparation. An artist glows and feels successful if he feels confident of his work and not because of his fame. For me a successful fine artist begins and ends at great work.”

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