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Driven by passion

Transportation designer Swaroop Roy gave up exciting opportunities with auto majors to pursue an equally fulfilling career in academics.

After working with industry for some time he decided to move to academics to share his knowledge with young and fertile minds:

“I started working as an Assistant Professor for Automobile Design at DoD, IITG, since I had always longed to do something for my alma mater. I teach Representation Techniques, Visualization and Illustration, Form Studies and Automobile Design. I also spend my weekends giving feedback on portfolios and sketches of young students who are trying to get into the broader world of the design industry.”

Ideation sketches

Porsche 919 Legend Reincarnated: Autonomous & VR Racing

Porsche 919 Legend Reincarnated: Autonomous & VR Racing

Porsche 919 Legend Reincarnated: Autonomous & VR Racing

As a mentor for automobile design at Department of Design, IITG, he came up with a ‘Bamboo-thread technique’ to teach students the importance of tension in the automotive form and basic feature lines to create the initial architectural gesture of the automobile. Bamboo is ideally suited to this because of its tensile property.

“The true feeling of pride for me was when my students came up with amazing concepts by using this technique,” – Swaroops says.

Porsche 356

With Ratan Tata

During IGNITION at Department of Design IITG

BMW Sketch

“Being a transportation designer my thirst is to see my designs on road and as a result, to bring a smile on the user’s face. After working in industry for some years I realized that Indian automobile design is in serious need of an identity; for example, when we see German cars like BMW and Mercedes, one can observe a very simple design and elegant proportion. American cars seem to be exaggerated in proportion while Italian cars are very romantic and sensual. What about Indian cars? I hope by using my research and experience down the line I can contribute to finding an answer to that question.”

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