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Far From Minimal

Interior designer Minnie Bhatt’s eye for detail is what gives her designs striking character

How do you approach a new project? 

It’s important to get the brief correctly so that the design direction is clear, and we can work with clarity from the onset. Once we receive the brief from a client we work towards creating the best possible translation of it with our esthetic. In residential projects the client’s lifestyle and requirements have to be kept in mind to a great extent. For F&B projects we keep in mind the visual identity and positioning of the brand whilst giving direction to the design language for the space. We then create a mood board for the client and then work on detailing it. It’s important to involve the client at important stages in the evolvement of the site to ensure they are abreast of what’s going on and in agreement with it.

How would you describe your style?

My style is eclectic and versatile. I like to create warm spaces with lots of tiny details that enhance the space. I prefer working with pure materials as opposed to lookalikes.

True Tram Trunk Interior
True Tram Trunk Interior

What challenges have you faced in your journey so far?

Initially the challenges were about how to handle and manage contractors on site, but with time and learning I overcame this. Another challenge was to understand the monetary aspects of the field. With experience this got resolved too, and I learnt how to manage site budgets, certify bills, etc. I’ve loved the journey so far with all its ups and downs and ups again.

Fable Interiors

What makes a good designer? 

A passion for great design and spaces, the ability to create spaces as imagined and envisaged, and being hands-on!

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