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Figures of a different kind

Illustrator and artist Abhimanyu Ghimiray discovered his calling only after acquiring a degree in business studies.

“Art for me is like meditation”, he says. “The strokes reflect my emotions. It is an expressive medium, but for me it’s more than that. The best piece of advice that I’ve ever got is to carry a diary and consider it as a Bible, in order to improve myself in design and art. I carry my diaries with me to capture the moments around me and document events and emotions.”

‘Let them be free’; ST+Art Bangalore. Mural painting on a toilet wall, 15 x 8 ft, 2016.

‘Silly Dilly’; The Times of India. Hand drawn and digital coloring, A3, 2010.

Abhimanyu enjoys working with all mediums:

“I have an equal amount of love for oil, acrylic, charcoal and watercolor. It’s difficult to choose one, but if I have to compare them vis-à-vis time and flexibility, I would choose a ball point pen. It creates wonder. I had started sketching with Reynolds 045 when I was in school. On a daily basis, I carry a couple of sketchbooks and a Pilot GTEC4 Ball point pen, and now MUJI pens as well. The fastest way to capture in color is through watercolors, so I carry those whenever I am traveling.”

The one thing needed to work with any client, he believes, is patience.

“Patience in terms of understanding what they want, being on the same page, articulating your thoughts and putting in your best effort for them.”

Coke Unites Us’; Coca Cola India HQ. Acrylic on canvas, 8 x 8 ft, 2016.

‘Hyderabad’; Microsoft HQ. Digital print, 30 x 10 ft, 2016

Abhimanyu’s aspiration is to never stop creating:

“Apart from continuing my daily practice, I want to hopefully paint huge walls and just try to give my best. I also want to try my hand at sculpting and different art mediums…whatever comes my way.”

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