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Jayesh Sachdev, Creative Director of Quirk Box, presents Space Cadet 2020, a line of resort wear for the free-spirited

My work explores the relationship between emotional identities in urban subcultures in a copycat society. With influences as diverse as Dali and Warhol, new characters are crafted from both simple and complex meanings.

In a society so influenced into wanting to be another, constantly seeking validation from external sources, we have lost the ability to be our own hero. Space Cadet explores the essential unreality of who we are and who we want to be. We are an aping culture of over evolved monkeys lacking any self identity. Space Cadet brings this to light through its evocative illustrations and whimsical characters of humans as animals lost in an urban space.                                 

Under the umbrella  of Quirk Box, where art is portrayed through the medium of fashion, Space Cadet Resort Wear 2020 is a bold statement piece of fashion that urges us to have the courage to be whoever we’d like to be.

Quirk Box teamed up with Label Puja Pandey to craft an elaborate visual story through handcrafted details of embroidery, sequins, and excellent craftsmanship to present an urbane prêt-couture line of resort wear including silhouettes such as jumpsuits, mini saris, crop jacket suits, loungewear, and midis.

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