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Going with the flow

Freelance illustrator Sreenihal Pouka goes where his work takes him, enjoying an easy fluidity that reflects in his work.

He is focusing largely on water color paintings and mural art:

“Since I love to travel, being a freelancer is more fun for me. I travel to wherever the work is, and currently I am based in Gangtok in Sikkim where I am working on a project for a design studio called Echostream. Clients like Suzuki gave me the opportunity to work as a freelance illustrator for their festivals like Comic-con. I like to work this way because I meet many people and get to know about other cultures.”

Shey Palace, Leh Ladakh

Monk students, Sikkim

Summer cart

Sreenihal has won a few ‘best painter’ awards:

“Winning an award brings much more happiness, of course! I guess that happiness make you to want to move forward in your career; it makes you thirsty for the next opportunity.”

Working with different media is the way of achieving balance for Sreenihal:

“Watercolors are my first love! I love spending time on making watercolor paintings – the happiness and peace they bring me can’t be described. At the same time, wall art is also fun – painting a big size canvas is harder physical work. It’s not a peaceful job, but I enjoy it. Sometimes you need a mix of both peace and harmony – it’s like yin yang.”

“I love all colors, so I always try to make my work very happy and pleasant looking.” – he says. “And yet, beauty is secondary; the main thing is to make the artwork powerful. It’s like a beautiful motorcycle with a powerful engine – without the engine, you can’t have the fun!”

QBX Enchanted Forest

QBX Enchanted Forest


Mess wall at NID

Maruti Suzuki wall art

He lives and works by this powerful advice his father has given:

“My dad is an artist and when he looks at my work he only says, “Yeah… it’s ok.” Initially I used to be disappointed with those words, but once he added, “But you can do better!” I always believe in this – as soon as one piece of work gets over I say the next one will be my masterpiece!”

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