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Graphic Designer Kritika Trehan finds her Creative Output is often a Reflection of how she Views the World at the time.

‘Miss Manage’ branding.
The platform helps women manage their finance and be financially independent

What kind of work do you do?

I mostly work on graphic design projects on commission basis; this includes branding and recently a lot of editorial and publication work, which is great. I also work on a few illustration based client projects, mostly conceptual and editorial work, but these are hard to come by. I also try to keep myself motivated by working on self initiated projects that allow me to work more freely and experiment without hesitation. I have recently found myself getting drawn to hand lettering and am working on improving my skills and possibly doing a project with that.

How would you describe your creative process?

I don’t like to call myself an illustrator or a graphic designer since I enjoy working with both, often merging them. I feel the mix allows me the freedom to convey an idea without having to be heavily dependent on either. My process always begins with me writing an idea and then figuring out a way to depict it visually, which usually leads to merging both text and image.

‘Cash Me If You Can’. A paper wallet zine that decodes each object in your wallet.

Tell us a little more about ‘Cash me if you can’.

It is a wallet shaped zine which decodes everything in your wallet – coins, cash, debit and credit cards – to make them easily manageable and help you understand your finances better. Each wallet-zine consists of four cards explaining how you can use your business/credit/ID cards most efficiently. It also consists of an inner booklet which compares taxes to pizzas and includes a table to help understand which bills and receipts to toss and which to keep.

How has social media impacted your work as a designer?

I view social media as a double edged sword. Even though it’s great to get your work out there and to a large audience, not to mention a forum for collaboration and newer opportunities, I feel sometimes it leads to a lot of anxiety and puts too much stress on your worth being measured by your productivity.

‘Master on Masters’ by Amjad Ali Khan. Penguin Book Cover

This article was originally published in POOL 107.

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