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Greenopia helps your plants thrive!

New Team 16x9Mani HK and Mayukhini Pandey from NID have introduced Greenopia, – an intelligent personal gardening assistant, which helps your plants thrive.

Greenopia is a smart pot using principle of self watering, where plants naturally take in as much water as they need through capillary action. The Greenopia smart plant care kit uses sensor data, climate and weather data and users’ profile to offer them tailored recommendations for their plants through the mobile app.
Greenopia_Growing DIL
Greenopia has four major components:
Self watering planter designed in accordance with how plants naturally take in water from the ground.
Dipstick senses how much soil moisture and sunlight the plant has received and communicates this through wifi to the Greenopia cloud.
Greenopia Cloud analyses the data received from plants and sends recommendations to your mobile app.
Mobile app suggests user what should be done to keep plants healthy.

A team of young designers, technologists and farming experts worked on prototyping their idea for over a year. After that they sought crowdfunding to manufacture the smart pots, develop the mobile app, and ship these back to all those who have supported the project.
Greenopia Team
Heading the initiative, Mani HK and Mayukhini Pandey, – both engineers turned designers.

Mani pursued a Master’s in New Media Design at NID to explore how technology can be used imaginatively to design sublime experiences.

Mayukhini went to NID to do her Post Graduation in Strategic Design Management when she realized that great technological solutions are anchored upon sound understanding of people and society.

Designers believe that Greenopia is both a sublime experience, and a great technological solution. They promise Version 2 will also provide a platform where users can connect in Greenopia community to share and learn gardening experiences.

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