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The helmet issue

Design studio InventIndia suggests ways to create helmets that will truly protect cricketers.
The recent death of Australian batsman Philip Hughes has shocked the cricket world. It’s obvious that the helmet he was wearing did not protect his whole skull base.
As a tribute to Philip Hughes, design studio InventIndia did a complete review of past incidents and trends and came to the following conclusions:
1) There is a need for designing helmets that provide protection from all sides, and also control the force of an upcoming bouncer.
2) The design needs to be esthetically appealing with no compromise on the safety and security features.
3) Helmets need to be larger with bigger grills, and ergonomically designed so that
the batsmen, fielders, and umpires can perform with ease without any distractions
or discomfort.
The three key issues are esthetic appeal, ergonomics and comfort, and full protection and safety. If these aspects are taken care of, both endorsement and enforcement will become easy.
Read this story in POOL 54.

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One Response to The helmet issue

  1. Trils says:

    I love the new helmet design…few things I would suggest.
    1. The reflection on the eye from the helmet is a bit jarring. Make the parts atleast in the front with a non reflective material (non chrome) to avoid reflection from the sun.
    2. Batsmen love to have flexibility of the head and look up….the back support though important will hinder that. Suggest to make the back neck protection thinner and give more space to move the head. Also put a soaking material that can be cleaned later so that then the neck is moved up it touches this sort of soft padding and feels nice.
    3. Make the back neck support a bit flexible to move up and down the force (gravity based) it has to guard against is a compressive force….so the up/down movement will not hamper the protection provided, but will give batsmen more convenience.
    4. Helmets are uncomfortable as they become hot….make holes in the helmet for air circulation.
    5. Have a layering inside that can be removed and cleaned.

    I will try to give inputs on some of the other innovations also….

    Would really love to connect with you as Design Thinking is something that is not work for me and enjoy to contribute.

    Best regards,

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