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Johnny Ganta might have made a career in music if he hadn’t chosen to work on being a master visual storyteller instead.

Collateral design for Janvi Folmsbee

How did your time in New York and Dubai influence you?

New York was great – it was my first corporate job. I was a content manager for an On Demand content distributor called InDemand Network -our rival at the time was Netfiix. Dubai was the city that brought out the entrepreneur in me. I was doing my MBA at the time, and I was lucky enough to have a mentor to guide me through what it takes to start a business. Dubai taught me to think globally, not locally.


Which has been your most memorable project?

It was one I did with Rahul Pabreja, a serial entrepreneur who now runs the all organic Farmers Stores in Mumbai under Kavitha Mukhi’s mentorship. His idea was Thirstkart, an app which at the time was the only dedicated beverage delivery service, delivering everything from the local juice-wallah to the local Starbucks and Coffee Days. I had never designed an app before, so this was new territory for me. But Rahul had faith in me. He walked into my room with a blank check and asked me to write a number on it – this number he would pay me monthly till the app was done. And so began the adventure.


What’s your approach to storytelling? How do you look for narratives?

When it comes to storytelling it is important to first uncover the archetypal narrative structure of what you are trying to convey. These narrative structures if used well will always speak to the deepest parts of our being. Good stories are often mental simulations for us as we watch a character traverse a moral landscape where they have to make choices. They have battles to fight and challenges to overcome, but where the hero battles in a world of dragons, the hero in us must battle the world of the mind.

You vs You

This article was originally published in POOL 108.

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