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Lip to Lip De Kissiyan’ from Katti Batti

nupurNupur Bhargava of Invisible Rabbit has directed and designed the latest stop motion song Lip to Lip De Kissiyan’ from Katti Batti film, starring Imran Khan and Kangana Ranaut. The final version of the song will be released soon after the film release.
At Invisible Rabbit, Lip to Lip is their third stop motion animation for a Hindi movie. But this song was the first of this scale and visualization using stop-motion pixellation technique:

For the shoot, a 40ft by 30ft platform was created with a special camera set up mounted at a height of almost 35 ft. The camera was remote controlled from the ground using an animation specific motion control set up.

The brief from the film director, Nikhil Advani, was clear – to make this catchy song look larger than life and unique in its presentation. A team of 3 people from Invisible Rabbit have worked on the project in pretty tight workframe:

This kind of a shoot is exhausting for the entire crew, – shares Nupur, – especially the actors who had to lie down on the platform for hours at a stretch and hold their expressions and posture frame by frame. The shoot dates were limited and hence the shoot was a race against time. We needed to be sure about the movements, be efficient in our changeovers. There was no room for wasting a minute. Each movement was already broken down and marked on the dope sheet for everyone to follow.

They animated not only the characters moving per frame but each prop on the 40feet wide set as well. Nupur mentions that she personally loved conceptualising and executing the Comic book and space sequence.
It took 2 months of pre-production, 1 week of production, 3 days of shoot and 2.5 weeks to edit the song. The film hits the theatres on 18th September 2015.

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One Response to Lip to Lip De Kissiyan’ from Katti Batti

  1. Gautam Dutta says:

    I liked it. But its not seamless. Some of the character animation are abrupt wish the director would have seen it. Reminds me of Strawberry Swing by cold play. But good fresh look for Bollywood choreography. Cheers Invisible Rabbit!!

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