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Making a difference

While public health design is a professional passion, Siddhartha Joshi is equally keen on pursuing his love for travel writing and photography

How did you become passionate about public health design?

It was purely by accident – I call it serendipity! I knew after doing the Biodesign fellowship that I wanted to focus on medical products, but public health wasn’t in my mind. It was at that time that Tor Inge Garvik, who later went on to become my design manager, visited India and came to our center at AIIMS, New Delhi.

When he introduced Laerdal and the kind of problems that their products solved, I was hooked. Here was an organization where the success of a product was measured by the number of lives saved, and not by sales. That’s the nature of public health, and it’s highly satisfying to work in a field when you know that your work really makes a difference in the life of so many across the world.

What drew you to photography? 

I was drawn to it because of my father who had a Canon SLR and was never afraid to let me use it. I learnt photography on film cameras, but it was actually my first digital camera way back in 2004 which really ignited my interest in photography.

Enjoying the view at Trolltunga in Norway on a recent hiking trip

How do you juggle design work and travel blogging?

To make sure that I can do both of these well, I have decided to give priority to one – and for me that’s my design work. This often means giving up on extremely lucrative assignments, but I’ve realized that’s the only way to do both of these. The other aspect is doing twice the amount of work – I work in my office during the day, and after that I spend time writing, editing or working on other aspects of blogging. It can often be exhausting.

Interacting with a mother to understand her challenges after using the CarePlus for a week in UP

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