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Making pictures talk

A keen storyteller, freelance animator and illustrator, Lavanya Naidu is seeking a larger canvas to tell her tales.

She worked remotely as the Lead Animator for a Swiss company, Otataa, on a project basis for nearly four years. It was a refreshing take on the Apps market and understanding how animation can be used to create content for children’s education and entertainment. The app market has opened many new avenues for animators to exercise their skills and work on different formats, narratives.

“Storytelling is very important to me, – she says, – coupled with character development, and you might not always have an opportunity in apps to explore these.”

Lulu & Jazz. Client: Google. Agency: Anyways Creative, London. Meet the smitten sweethearts spreading the love on Google’s new messenger app, Allo (Animated sticker pack)

No Smoke Without Fire – a personal short animation film

Personal Art: Echo Chamber of Love

“Discipline is key when working on your own,” – Lavanya believes. “Every project is a learning process. As a freelancer, you are frequently working with new clients and having to adapt and understand quickly. At the same time exercising a certain level of professionalism, keeping deadlines and producing quality work encourages your client to do the same. I tend to take on projects that I see myself enjoying. Love what you do and focus on just that, everything else will follow.”

All or Nothing. Client: TEDx Bangalore Art created for the annual TEDx event in Bangalore

The Bowow Family. Client: Azure Entertainment Director: Swati Ravi Nain Producer: Gaurav Bose Character explorations and expression sheets for an upcoming episodic series

The Bowow Family

Who is Afraid of the Rakshas-Sweetie-Man. Client: Pratham Books StoryWeaver. Author: Ranjit Lal

She has worked on idents, books, spots and short films and wants to expand her animation experience further:

“I’m hoping to be able to venture into episodic series, web series or feature length formats in the near future. I love telling stories as much as I love listening to them, and hope that one day I will be able to do that on longer formats, and share them with the world!”

Read this story in POOL 88.

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