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Namrata Cavale and Sushmita Charlu started Studio Vrtta to reinforce their common desire for sustainability in every stage of a product’s life cycle.

Anna Grocery Pouches

What’s the story behind Studio Vrtta?

SC: Studio Vrtta happened very organically. We were both doing sustainable design projects, as freelancers, when we began a series of conversations on design and sustainability. We wanted a name which embodied our values as well as reflected the work we do. ‘Vrtta’ is the Sanskrit word for circle, so that worked out perfectly for us.

NC: We realized that there was a lot to be done with discarded materials, so we began collaborating to create functional objects, such as serve-ware and home-decor. In August 2018, we decided to make it official, and Studio Vrtta was born!

Construction Unwaste Nesting Trays

What does the sustainable problem-solving mean?

SC: Sustainability is a multi-dimensional quality that requires an equally holistic approach. More often than not, conventional business processes do not take this into account, and this is the underlying cause of many socio economic and environmental issues today. As designers, it is vital to look at the system as the sum of all its parts. At Vrtta, sustainability is central to our process. Designing for circularity in a product’s life cycle is the need of the hour.

How do you ensure that products stay sustainable through their life cycle?

SC: We use circular design strategies, combined with traditional skill, to produce products that are useful, repairable and durable. We primarily use recycled, reclaimed or biodegradable materials in all our products.

NC: We currently retail our products unpackaged. In case we have to ship something, we use pre-used packaging, which is preferably biodegradable. We are glad to be a part of a process that keeps waste out of landfills, but are actively working to uncover new material strategies that are earth-positive, in the near future!

This article was originally published in POOL 109.

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